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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Deferred Cash
Deferred Cash payable over 24 months
Due Within 30 days after Reservation Fee
30-70 Spread Down Payment
30% Spread Down Payment payable in 12 months
Due Within 30 days after Reservation Fee
70% Balance payable in 12 months @ 0% interest


Royal Villas West is a Great Investment

P3.3 million, the cost of the most affordable homes at the Royal Villas West, is still not a joke especially to the middle or working-class families. But why would you buy a home in this community? Why buy in Amadeo and not in major cities?

Here are the reasons why you should consider your home in the Royal Villas West a solid investment:

Tagaytay is considered as one of the major tourist destinations of the south. This in turn provides a good opportunity for residents in Tagaytay and nearby towns such as Amadeo to benefit from the booming tourism industry of the city. This could be through employment or business. Not only that, since the property value in these places are continually soaring, your P3.3 million home now could cost P5 million or higher in 10 years.

Amadeo still enjoys a more rural setting, not heavily industrialized and not heavily commercialized. So if you want to enjoy a quiet life, fresh air and friendly neighborhood, the Royal Villas West is where you should be.

The beautiful designs of homes, quality materials, first-class facilities and amenities are all bonuses to what you get when you buy a home in this community.


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